“Stin Katsarola”: Flavors that remind us of mom’s cooking

Nothing is done in non-excellent taste at King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens, and that is especially true about the latest menu created by Chef de Cuisine Alexandros Koskinas for Tudor Hall Restaurant. He achieves in bringing to guests delectable dishes that are both comforting and an elegant, gastronomic affair.

Tudor Hall Restaurant - Dusk View

Named for the brand new Greek inspired Menu, “Stin Katsarola“, the exceptional and inspired dishes selection, meant to transport the patron into the kitchen of an authentic Greek home. Mr. Koskinas updated traditional Greek home cooking by combining the basic ingredients found throughout world famous Greek cuisine and transforming them into exceptional, aromatic food courses.

Αρνάκι λεμονάτο με πατάτες ριγανάτες_Lamb with lemon and oregano flavored baked potatoes_23711

Fill up on flavorful meat dishes such as rooster Pastitsada, a Greek twist on pasta mixed with traditional spices and paired with duck; a beef Stifado makes for a satisfyingly rich stew combined with a side of creamy mashed potatoes; equally as sumptuous is the lamb with lemon and oregano-flavored baked potatoes. If you are looking for something on the lighter side, our Chef has created a refreshing dish of cod, surrounded by flavorful leeks and celery; for a vegetarian option, his stuffed zucchini with rice and herbs with egg-lemon sauce will leave your tastebuds with a refreshingly citrusy flavor. Any one of these dishes will have your palate well satisfied!

Κολοκυθάκια γεμιστά με ρύζι και μυρωδικά αυγολέμονο_Stuffed zucchini with rice and herbs with egg & lemon sauce_23718

Sip on wines from the well-crafted wine list meant to compliment each of Chef’s exquisite suggestions, and enjoy the sight of the Athenian city landscape on the balcony of the Tudor Hall Restaurant. Enjoy a comforting, inspired dinner illuminated by candlelight and the glow from the Acropolis.

Κόκορας παστιτσάδα με σπετσερικό και μακαρόνια_Rooster ‘pastitsada’ with traditional blend of spices and pasta_23667

King George Hotel and Chef de Cuisine Alexandros Koskinas invite you to an exceptional culinary and cultural Greek adventure in the very heart of Athens, where you will be immersed in Greece’s extensive history while enjoying home-inspired, extraordinary cuisine.

Μπακαλιάρος με πράσο και σέλινο_Fresh cod with leeks and celery_23663

Learn more about Tudor Hall Restaurant and book your table at: www.tudorhall.gr/

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